The following projects can be done alone, or within a group NO larger than three. Please put the
names responsible for each part of the project ON that part of the project so proper credit can
be given. Please choose your group members, if you choose to have any, very wisely. These
projects make up the work that will be due for Antigone. Any quizzes will be given and counted
separately, and you will of course have a unit exam. Listed below you will see four different
projects for the unit. You must complete any three out of the four you wish. If you are working
alone, the directions are the same, three out of four. Make sure you pay close attention to the
directions for each project and that your work is thorough, organized, and detailed to
specifications. Each of the projects is worth 60 points for a total overall project grade of 180
points. This will be due at the end of the reading of Antigone, the day we take the unit exam.
Create a "Chain of Events" powerpoint that takes us on an
historical journey covering the basics of "Oedipus," the "Oracles,"
the "Riddle of the Sphynx," and the events of "Antigone." It should
be chronological and be set up as"one thing leading to another."
This powerpoint should be at least 20 slides and include pictures,
maps, descriptions, and links. Be sure to reference your sources
and DO NOT copy and paste any information.
The "Open Mind" Poster. Pick five of the characters from the story
( you can include those from Oedipus) and make an "Open Mind"
for each one. Be sure to demonstrate, portray, the characters
thoughts, beliefs, personality traits, and fate in your "Open Mind."
After they have been made, place them on a poster arranged in a
way that makes sense and you can explain. Decorate the poster
around the "Minds" as needed.
Create a "diary" for one of the characters in the story. The diary
should have eight entries total and should reflect the feelings and
experiences of the character in question. Each entry should be at
least 3/4 of a page typed, double spaced FSTNR12. It does not
have to be illustrated but it should have dates and be put in, or
written in, a nice diary or created diary.
Create three "TV Ads" or commercials advertising the story of
Antigone, and event in Antigone, a place Antigone was based in, a
theme, symbol etc. Each commercial should be video taped,
cleaned up and edited, and put on dvd. Be creative ! Example:
Make an ad for a Protective Material that would save you from the
Sphynx, whether you knew the answer to the riddle or not. Each ad
should be at least 1 1/2 minutes in length.