William Golding (1911-1993) > >
      William was born on September 19, 1911 in England. He
spent many holidays a guest house belonging to his mother's family
in a town adjacent to Newquay. He grew up at his father's house in
Marlborough, Wiltshire. His father was a science master at
Marlborough Grammar School. His name was Alec Golding and
he had a strong commitment to science. William Golding and his
older brother Joseph attended this school where his father taught.
His mother, Mildred supported the female suffrage. In 1930
Golding went to Oxford University, where he studied Natural
Sciences for two years before transferring to English Literature.
      He took his B.A. in the summer of 1934, and later that year
his first book, Poems, was published. Golding married Ann
Brookfield on September 30, 1939. He had a son in 1940 and
then a daughter in 1944. During World War II, Golding served in
th navy and at one point pursued one of Germany's greatest
battleships named the Bismarck. After the war he returned home
and began to teach writing classes.
       In September 1953 Golding sent books in to be edited and
was first rejected by the reader there. Then a new editor came in
and published in September 1954 Lord of the Flies. It was then
followed by many other books including The Inheritors, Pincher
Martin, and Free Fall. Golding won the Booker Prize in 1980, and
in 1983 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was
knighted by the Queen in 1988.