Sophocles (495 BC-406 BC) > > Sophocles was born in the rural city of Colonus Hippius in
Attica. His birth took place a couple years before the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. The battle of
Marathon was a major attempt made by King Daruis I of Persia to take over Greece. The young
Sophocles was a well rounded young man. He won awards in wrestling and music. He was graceful
and handsome, and led a chorus of boys in the Athenian celebration of the victory against the
Persians in 480 BC. His artistic carreer began 468 when he took first place in a theatre competition.
> > In Sophocles' time, Greek art was going through a lot of changes. In one of Sophocles' earliest
plays, he in cluded the addition of a third actor which created more opportunity to develop character
personalities and the conflict between them. Aeschylus, who was one of the best play writers of
Sophocles' early career and Sophocles’ rival, used this third character idea in his plays. In
addition to creating new ideas in the structure of drama, Sophocles' work was known for the
development of characters, with out this it would be harder for the audience to understand or relate
to the play. His reputation was so big that foreign rulers invited him to visit them and put on his plays
for them. Aristotle, one of the great greek writers like Sophocles, used Sophocles's Oedipus the
King in one of his tragedies. Some of his most famous plays include Philoctetes (409 BC) and
Oedipus at Colonus (401 BC) and Electra